In-house Soft chiffon polyester scarves. No-wrinkle.

Bellini Collection

Silk solid colored scarves.

Bella Collection

Tone on Tone clear shimmer thin lines on soft chiffon.

Aria Collection

Fashion scarves in thin chiffons, and wonderful warm winter or church scarves.

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Scarf Collections

1/2" lyrex line scarves on soft chiffon. 

Emma Collection

2" silver line scarf with two tone chiffon fabric.

Gianna Collection

Shimmery gold lines on soft chiffon.

Luna Collection

1" silver line silk chiffon scarf. 

Mia Collection

Traditional Russian designs on warm scarves with fringe. 

Russian Shawl Collection

Soft and warm cotton twill scarves.

Soft Solid Shawl Collection

In house triangle scarves in a variety of textures.

Triangle Collection

No wrinkle polyester scarves

No Wrinkle Collection

Shimmery shawls with fringe. 

Shimmer Shawl Collection

Thin silver lines

Donella Collection

Gold and silver lines

Orazio Collection

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